Vela Goya Fringe Pro 2023


El Fringe Pro es la vela más liviana, suave y de fácil manejo y manejo sin esfuerzo en el rango de olas

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The Fringe is our super light, minimalist wave sail featuring feather light handling, progressive maneuverability, low-end power and high wind control.

A year of development has made a big difference in the overall handling characteristics of the Fringe. The primary design objective was to improve the handling of the sail in stronger wind. We have achieved that goal with outline refinements, particularly making the sail just a little bit shorter, then adding a bit more head outline. Alongside the necessary shape and luff curve adjustments needed to match the new outline, this led us to a new sail that has big improvements in basic maneuverability.

The new Fringe turns immensely more tight and controlled. New window shapes increase the viewing area. The updated the material in the tack of the sail, equip the Fringe with the new damage protection and increased visual impact.

On top of being the supreme surfwave sail, due to their amazingly light weight, the bigger sizes of the Fringe pair well with foil boards such as the Bolt or Proton.

Pro Scrim & Bi-Ply

Scrim Body Panels. The colored Scrim material used in the main panels offers super strong durability, super light weight and a supple and alive feel throughout the sail.

Bi-Ply Window Panels. Bi-Ply has the visibility and firmness of monofilm, but lasts three times longer, for multiple reasons. Our 6 mil Bi-Ply is made from 2 layers of 3 mil film, laminated together with glue containing a UV inhibitor which greatly extends the life of the film. By being made from 2 thinner layers, the material is more flexible, stays more supple longer and offers much more resistance to the creasing and eventual breaking that monofilm can suffer. This is really big news as it is a material that offers a more durable alternative to monofilm, with the same perfect clarity. All Goya films, including Scrim, Bi-Ply and X-Ply are made in the USA by Dimension Polyant ® to the highest standards of sail cloth technology. What this means is supreme quality control and film consistency.

Dacron luff panels, Carbon Stretch Control, Titanium Clew Ring, Rip Stop Sleeve and a Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A wider scalloped upper leech reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech from fluttering in strong wind conditions such as Omaezaki, the Gorge and Pozo.

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